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There are a few other suburbs near San Jose that may be worth checking out – one being Heredia. I didn’t check the area out much, but I’ve heard good things. If I ever go to the area again, I’d make sure to check this area out first before I booked anything long-term. I recommend you do the same.

If you are staying in San Pedro, I would skip hotels and hostels and try to grab an apartment. Being a university town, the rent ischeep. Weekly rates can be found for $125 - 150 with monthly rates going for $400 - 500. Here's some great advice, You can check Airbnb.com for nicer accommodations, but Craigslist has a number of cheap and available options for San Pedro. You’ll want to grab a place as close to the University (UCR) and the mall (Mall San Pedro) as possible.

Costa Rica Ticas: Day Game

Costa Rica girls made me give day game a try - for real. I did a majority of my approaching walking near the main university in San Pedro, University of Costa Rica (UCR). I also did a couple of approaches at Mall San Pedro. The area nearTheatro Nacional in downtown San Jose is crawling with women during the day and is a decent day game spot. I did a few approaches there one day, but again, nothing came of it. If you want some help, use these guides.

If you’re in downtown San Jose, you’ll want to go into a number of shops and stores as you walk around to find some Costa Rica Ticas. The girls working the counters are pretty open to chatting, as they don’t get many customers. Often, these girls are cute as hell, smiling and bored. I started to walk into every pharmacy I saw downtown just to see if I could flirt a bit. You can open in English or Spanish. I’ve found Ticas will let you know if they speak English or not quite quickly. I’d start in English unless you’re conversational in Spanish. Cupid dating app is awesome for this area.

Costa Rica Ticas: Night Game

I found the nightlife in San Pedro and San Jose to be pretty good, but it still did not make up for how much I disliked Costa Rica on the whole. The one way the Americanization of Costa Rica benefitted me was that the nightlife was all about mingling. Panama City had good nightlife, but it was often difficult to find a venue that was great for picking up chicks. In San Jose and San Pedro, I found numerous venues I could meet Ticas on a consistent basis. However, while the nightlife was great for pickups, I didn’t find too many places I really liked. Look here for some advice. The good nightlife was only in a select few areas, at least for me. You may have different tastes in music, so you may find a number of spots you like.

Hoxton: On Tuesdays, I went to Hoxton in San Pedro. It might be my favorite club in the world on a Tuesday. They play hip-hop mixed with some Latin Music on this night every week. I went every Tuesday I was in San Pedro and pulled 3 one-night stands. I was only in San Pedro for, I believe, 5 Tuesdays. That’s pretty good numbers.

The place is filled with Ticas who love gringos and American exchange students/teachers who are not into Tico guys. It’s pretty simple to find a hook up here; just run a standard Western game and you can score. I’ve never been to a club or barwere there are more people making out on the dance floor than Hoxton. Tinder can be very helpful, these guides can help.

La Concha De La Lora: OnThursdays I went to La Concha De La Lora en La California. La California is a bar district set between San Pedro and downtown San Jose. The location is convenient for almost everyone in the city. The bar has a ladies night on Thursdays and plays reggae roots. The crowd is more local than Hoxton on Tuesdays, but the party is still great. You’ll need some Spanish here or you’ll struggle a bit. I went a few times and always grabbed at least a few numbers before heading home. I never pulled a one-night stand from here, but always had a good time. The party is pretty fun. Start connecting here first to meet these Latinas out later.

Club Vertigo, Rapsodia, Fuzzy’s: On a Friday and a Saturday, I found the best bet was to grab a taxi and head to downtown San Jose. There is a block downtown with 3 clubs right next to each other. Theyare: Club Vertigo, Rapsodia, andFuzzy’s. All three places often had a good crowd on a Friday and Saturday.Overall, I preferred Rapsodia the most. This bar/club hybrid was upscale for Costa Rica and made for picking up chicks.

Club Vertigo is electronic music and a huge facility. However, if you don’t go on the correct night then the place will be dead. Add them on Facebook and talk to locals to find out when Club Vertigo will be good.

Fuzzy’s is kind of like a Costa Rican dive bar. The bar is behind Rapsodia and almost always packed on the weekend. If you have local friends, I’d recommend checking this spot out with them.

Other Thoughts On Nightlife

I always went out on Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday. However, you can find something going on almost every night in San Jose or San Pedro. Sunday nights are said to be good at La Concha De La Lora again. Mondays in the La California area are known to be a good for a party as well.

Online Game

Surprisingly, most of the Costa Rican girls I got with were from my night game. However, I did manage to hook up with a fair amount of girls using online dating during my month in San Pedro/San Jose. I used these sites in Costa Rica:

Bring your “A” game if you want to meet cute chicks using online dating in Costa Rica. The girls have met a number of gringos before and you will not be anything special, especially if your Spanish is average. I recommend opening girls in Spanish if she doesn’t have any English in her profile. If she has English in her profile text, you can use whatever opener you normally would back in the Western World.

Lastly, I’d avoid trying to get girls over to your place straight from an online dating site. Ticas are generally not easy girls. You’ll need to take her out for drinks before she’ll come over. I say this because I lost a number of girls due to pushing to meet at my place in San Pedro. These girls appreciate the boyfriend type of vibe a bit more than most.

San Jose/San Pedro Overall

I did not enjoy San Pedro or Costa Rica as much as I had anticipated. While I had no comparisons to make after my time in Panama, I do now. I much prefer Panama City to San Jose or San Pedro. Still, you can find great Costa Rican girls in the city and there is no excuse not to. Look here for great insight.

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