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In June 2013, Yahoo paid $1.3 billion dollars for Tumblr, which is pretty much like buying a gigantic online version of your younger sister’s diary for a lot of money. But every once in a while, something magnificent happens on Tumblr. Luckily, we were there to catch that diamond in the hay stack to present to you, dear visitor, the funniest Tumblr posts of all time:

Thanks to r/Tumblr, Pleated Jeans, and imgur for the images above.

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Behold The Glory Of American Culture

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Dat Photoshoped Hat

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Coolest Bruise Ever

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The Downfall Of Galaxies

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Everyone Gets Over Things On Their Own Terms

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The Funniest Tumblr Posts: A Genius Plan

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I'm Not A Kid But The Answer Is Yes

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Italian Exchange Student

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Jack Black Inception

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A Grand Story Of A Motel

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The Funniest Tumblr Posts Of All Time: Wat

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Billy Mays In Heaven

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Iceland Is Hardcore

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He Did Get Better

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But Who Was Dog?!

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Teenage Girl Trophy

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Butterfly Landing

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Cool Music Problems

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Medieval Party Foul

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Valentine's Day Plans

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Quadratic Graffiti

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The Sound Of Nature

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Weird Phone Photos

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Ice Cream Truck Pain

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Funniest Tumblr Posts: Internet Fears

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Jennifer Lawrence Meeting Celebrities

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Regular Humanoids Meeting Celebrities

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How To Delete Friends?!

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One Weird Ass Renaissance Painting

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Rules To Learn English

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The Future Imagined By Tumblr

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Parenting With Tumblr

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Look At Me Bro, Do You Think This Is A Joke?!

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Why Am I Not A Banana?!

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Inspirational Blinking

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Dad Was A Hide And Seek Champion

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The Funniest Tumblr Posts: Funeral Plans

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That Is A Long Time

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Wiper Blade Anxiety

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Weirdest Tumblr Post Ever

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World History In A Nutshell

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