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(In the end, it was the prayers of the children which were answered.) The Jews finally realized they should not have gone to the king's feast; they should not have eaten at the royal banquet nor drunk the wine, nor used the vessels from the Holy Temple. " But Esther asked only that the king and Haman come to a private banquet she was making. On his way out of the palace, he passed Mordechai at the gate. "I am important enough to be invited to the queen's private banquets together with the king -- and that Jew refuses to bow down to me?! So Haman built a gallows, 50 cubits high, in his own courtyard. The heavy book fell open to the story of how Mordechai the Jew had warned of the plot against the king and saved the king's life. And whenever Haman is mentioned, we make as much noise as possible to blot out his name and his memory! SENDING GIFTS OF FOOD to at least one friend or relative, because Purim is a time of love and friendship between Jews. GIVING GIFTS OF MONEY TO THE POOR because Purim is a time of sharing and caring and helping. EATING A FESTIVE PURIM MEAL – the special holiday meal eaten on Purim afternoon. We celebrate how everything can turn upside-down and into something else, and nothing is exactly what it seems to be. -- be full of light and gladness, honor and joy, just as it was for the Jewish people in the time of Esther and Mordechai so many years ago.

They understood that this was their punishment for fearing the king more than they feared God. At the banquet, Achashverosh asked again, "What is your wish? " But Esther only invited the king and Haman to a second party. " He wanted to kill Mordechai then and there, without waiting for the 13th of Adar! So start thinking about who you want to be on Purim! "PURIM SMARTS": Put on your Purim cap and see how much of the Purim story you remember.

" Esther asked that the Jews in Shushan fast and pray for her for three days. The rabbis commanded the people to keep the holiday of Purim forever as a day of thanksgiving and feasting and joy; of sending gifts to friends and money to the poor. Which remained silent and which ranted and preened?

Mordechai gathered all the Jewish children in Shushan and told them to pray, too. He tossed and turned and finally called for his servant to bring out the Royal Book and read him to sleep. And that is just what the Jewish people have been doing for the past 2,400 years! MEGILLAT ESTHER -- we read the story of Purim in the evening and the next day.

The pretty fashionista toted a gold strappy bag and wore aviators and appeared in high spirits as she joined Jess in the Amazon Prime Terrace.

The sisters were also joined by their famous faced brother Mark, who has been busy jet-setting across the globe due to working commitments in Los Angeles and Mallorca.

He cast lots -- purim in Hebrew -- to choose the day. "Spare my life," she cried, "and the lives of my people. On the 13th of Adar, Jews across the kingdom assembled and defended themselves. She has written the popular Savta Simcha series and Sand and Stars - A Jewish Journey Through Time (a two volume Jewish history book for teen readers).

Then he sent out letters, sealed with the king's royal ring, to each of the 127 provinces in the kingdom. Find Mordechai the Jew and do exactly as you described, down to the last detail! He had to be at the royal palace in time for the Queen's second banquet. Thousands of their enemies were killed, including Haman's 10 evil sons who were hanged from a tree.

To celebrate, he made a tremendous feast for all the important people in the kingdom. For seven days they ate and drank to their heart's content. Achashverosh brought the gold and silver vessels from the Holy Temple in Jerusalem and used them for his wild celebration... As soon as the king saw her, he chose her as his new queen. One day outside the palace, Mordechai happened to hear two men plotting to kill the king.

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