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This morning seems fine. I think we got all the out of him last night ugh!


Good! I bet it was scary!
hiya sns! i see we are up and at it!

a thats good news! bet he was hungry!
Actually he hasnt asked for breakfast yet. I sure his stomach is still nutty, we are going to just skip breakfast and give him his breakfast and lunch together in a few hours hopefully he will eat it.
Hey, BTW I an elementary teacher! hahaha!
hahah i figured ! it shows in your typing.
What do you mean?! Is it like when I told my friend I was getting married and she clapped?! My DH was like, yeah, shes kindergarten, right?!
nah just fin with ya. im gonna place you at 3rd or 4th grade at least?

Right now Im *just* a sub but I hoping to. get hired for this fall. I would take anything K-6, Im certified K-8. My favorite would be 2nd or 3rd grade. But theres no ting in 2nd grade, so that would be optimal!
thats cool i did the elementary thing my 1st. year they work WAY too hard there!

and i such a terrible singer there is a LOT of singing songs involved in elementary i found!hahahaha.

I love it! The dont care if we cant sing! Most of them cant either!!

My favorite song is Chnut and it drives my DH crazy!

haha yup you got to be in. the right frame of mind for elementary. and for middle i guess! i find the little ones get a lot of boogers and want to hug you. my middle schoool, the pee pee dance is just about all over too.

I did a long term subbing position for 7+8th. grade. One boy exposed himself to another classmate. It was a train wreck!
pfft thats a tuesday here.
honly, i would still take him to the vet. that is really a hefty dose that he got into. that is something that our doctors would have hospitalized for, even if you induced vomiting. Effects of caproprofen toxicity are seen within days, not hours. I would really recommend a trip to the vet to check his bloodwork.
I thought OP talked with vet on phone?
she did i believe the vet said. it was like us taking a dozen aspirins (if i remember right, mn?). not good, but not terrible.

Yeah, thats what I thought.
i would still get BW done.
i agree actually. better safe than sorry.
as i said we have a preop tomorrow anyways.
not all preops do bloodwork and not all pre anhetic panels t for all things that could have been affected by the rimadyl toxicity. I would ask for a full blood panel.
obviously im going to tell my reg vet about it. if she decides its necessary then we will do it.
hahaa well, i sure the cat has an alibi.
O I sure :P.
yup just saw that! im sure hes fine! good quick action last night!

and you managed to maintain your humor and not freak out! kudos!

well i was freaked out before. we called the evet, after that it was alright, and it was fine after he vommited every where where he shouldnt have :).

I swear the cat wants him dead, she knocks things off the counter all the time when he is walking by.
you must have a relatively small. evet for the vet to actually get on the phone with yall. normally it is tech.
our evets. are actually 5 local vet clinics and the vets take turned being on call, its a different evet one will have weekends, then a diff one for the week and so on.

The 5 vet clinics are in a 30mile radius, we dont have a actual evet clinic, its just ran at a diff clinic depending on where the on call one lives.
Cool We have one evet for all of mountain ehouse windermere [image2] Maine. So it gets busy. But theyre good about taking Elrama raspberry pi python editor calls. And our vet leaves their personal number on their after hours machine.
Oh and when you call Belper the E-line. you get a vet tech and then they take your number and the issue then they call the vet and the vet has to call you back.
I have 5 cats. and dont leave anything lying around that i want to have to hunt for later. Found my wedding ring in the garbage disposal once. Thank god I didnt turn it on.
thats fine, im just saying i would have. hospitalized my dog if she ate that much rimadyl. and our vets would have recommended the same.
What was definetly on their side. was catching it quickly. That made a big difference.
We were in contact with the Evet. and he told us what to do, we have a preop checkup tomorow anyways from his neuter, if our vet feels the need to do anything they will.

Also the dosage was not that bad, he explained to us that it would be like us taking aspirin within 24 hours instead of the recommended 4.

He was just worried that we were talking about one of the bottles that had 6mgs in it that they give to older dogs, but only got 450mg still could cause some problems but he vommited 5 times so we just have to watch him.
Im just giving my opinion on what. we would recommend based on that dose at our clinic. I hope you opt to get BW done at your Preop Checkup.
It sure cant hurt.
Im just giving my opinion on what. we would recommend based on that dose at our clinic. I hope you opt to get BW done at your Preop Checkup.
Glad to hear it ! Always nice when you can avoid a serious situation and a late night e vet visit as well.
I love the mug shot ;).
me too that 1st one it like. whats the big fuss about?

Typical Golden ).
well that pic was probably 2-3. months ago but he always things he innocent.
How scary Im glad hes ok.
a w he ate a bunch of ? poor thing!

glad the stinkbug is feeling better!
mhm. long story short the cat wants the dog dead so he knocked s pill bottle of the counter and thinks they were treats since they were beef flavored so he ate 7x more then he should have within hours he got into about 450mg of Rimadyl but we got him to throw it up so he should be fine.
feckin cats! now you see what i mean when i say cats are evil little buggars? they are ALWAYS out to droy our poor dogs.

that was attempted murder, ya know. punishable by life in ! wait. do you think it was premeditated? thatll get you life without parole.

im so happy hes better, that must have been the scari thing ever.