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Who is Jay Park’s girlfriend now?

I’ll introduce his lover and his lovelife.


Jay Park (Korean name: Park Jae-beom, born April 25, 1987) is an American singer, dancer, rapper, music producer, songwriter, model, choreographer, entrepreneur, and actor. He is a member of Art of Movement (AOM).


When talked about the dating and his dating life the Korean American rapper said, he is not dating anyone since long time. He said, it is time for him to focus on his solo career.

At the moment I don’t have any girl friend and I am happy about it. When talked about his ex-girlfriend, he said I don’t want to discuss about my love life, it is private and I don’t like someone to discuss.

But he said i would only love to discuss my first love that I lost. I lost my girlfriend because I was obsessive.

He responded quickly to questions that ask the woman entertainer you want to try acting together in a variety program ” SNL Korea ” that ” SISTAR ‘s Bora. ”

When asked , “Do you do not plan to love ? I do not appear to be ongoing ,” ” as long as the Bora ‘s does not appear in front of the eyes , I am not going to love ! ”

And like a joke half real intention half Comments in a collection of line-of-sight .

Ex Girlfriend

Jay Park said” the woman I was dating in South Korea for the first time was of true first love . I came to like before, but after a few months since dating, I also began to Good , became many jealousy. She was a style that does not have even contact and also apologize when the time of the fight”.

He confessed that he between the two has been completely deprived of their initiative .

His Ideal type of woman

Singer Jay Park did not choose the streaks of miss A in the final selection of the ideal type.

Jay Park is referred to JYP entertainment and laughter.

How he thinks about marriage

Jay Park said that he is quite busy at the moment in his career that he is not thinking about getting married. He said he wants to make his career better and after that he will think about getting in to any relationship.

Moreover he said it is not right time for him to get marry but he will definitely marry his dream lady one day. Just waiting for the right time said Jay Park.

His Ideal situation of dating

Jay Park said he would love to go for an ideal date. The situation would be, he will be buying flowers and picking the right gift for his lover. He will go and pick her up and take her on a dinner.

He said it would be a normal date like everyone do, there is nothing special. All you need is to have right partner to go for a date. He said he know a lot of his fans love to take him to date.

How his fan think about his lover

Since the rapper Jay Park kept his love life very secret his fans don’t know much about the girl. Still the fan believes that right women can help the Korean American rapper to see more success in his life.

The fans are quite curious to know about the lucky lady but Rapper doesn’t want to reveal her name. He joking said many times that he would love to date Bora if she is ready to go out with him.

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