Dating site 420 bubbly


420Singles is an adult dating site with an (possibly – depending on where you live) illegal twist! Stoners looking to meet other stoners, presumably to do.. stoner things. Which stereotypically means.. giggling, eating food, watching movies, and having deep existential conversations, man.

Although marijuana is still widely illegal, you stoners are not in a minority. It’s a wide-spread social and solitary enjoyment and now, with the chance to meet your stoner soul mate, this illegal activity might be even more worth the risk!


To sign up, simply enter a username and your email address and a password will be emailed to you. Once logged in you can create your profile. Filling out the profile is simple, choosing answers from pull-down menus: I am a Man/Woman/Couple, Seeking a Man/Woman/Couple, Age, Location, Astrological Sign, Education, Income,Employment. There are also questions:
– How much do you blaze?
– What is your favorite movie genre?
– What is your favorite tv genre?
– Are you gay? Bisexual?
– Are you a gamer? (relevant to stoners.. I guess?)
– Are you down for a threesome?
And two questions that are honestly foreign to me, but maybe you stoners out there know what’s up? One simply says “Ent” with the drop-down options being yes/no/don’t know what that is (phew, I’m not alone!) and the other says “Indica or Sativa?” with no “I don’t know what that is” option. Uh oh.

There are also boxes where you can write an “About Me”, “My Match”, “My Interests” and describe your favorite movie and show right now. That last part is endlessly amusing to me. The sections are actually listed as “Favorite Movie Right Now” and “Favorite Show Right Now” as if stoners are incapable of keeping a favorite for more than a short period of time. I don’t trust people that don’t know definitively know what their favorite movie is.

Once you have completed your profile, you are able to enjoy the site’s basic features, including email, chat (see below, it’s <sarcasm>riveting</sarcasm>), blogs, and an “extras” page where you can track who has viewed your profile, who’s profiles you have viewed, which profiles are trending, and the dates you have gone on.


420Singles features:
– the ability to perform a “quick search” without joining
– the ability to perform an advanced search and search by zip code
– the ability to add profiles to a favorites list and/or a friends list
– the ability to send messages and “winks” to all members
– the ability to see who’s online


Super duper 100% FREE!


As with many free dating sites, the matches can be, let’s say, less than the cream of the crop. A lot of profiles don’t even have profile pictures. It’s not promising. And I can’t say that any of the profile pictures that did exist caught my eye. So many were reminiscent of the days of MySpace mirror and angle photos that it actually made me cringe. And there’s no plethora of nude photos to enjoy, as I’ve found on other sites I’ve reviewed.

And I know I shouldn’t focus on stereotypes, but as for the lazy, brain-fried, spaced-out, stoner bum stereotype? Well, most of these profiles don’t do anything to prove the contrary. In my few minutes of perusing, the majority of members I looked at described themselves as “chill” and listed themselves as unemployed, “confused” about their education, and/or had descriptions riddled with spelling and grammar errors (yes, I care about that). Look at this “About Me”:”im a good ol country boy in south texas with alot of friends who like to blaze every day and i do it with them sometimes, not every day but mostly on the weekends. im pretty easy to get along with and youl love it when im high, im real funny to watch haha“. Another member wrote this in his “Favorite Movie Right Now”: “Well i guess it would be the hangover 3, but if i had to go of all time…labrinth with david boey i think it is.(SOOOO beasty stoned.)” Ugh.

And in a wonderful display of stupidity, 420Singles member blazinUp put his phone number on his profile. I won’t be a jerk and post it here, but you can do a username search on the homepage. Just sayin’.

OH, and if you needed more proof of how horrible these profiles are, an unsettling amount of people list their favorite shows as Family Guy, American Dad, and/or The Cleveland Show. Kill me.

Further, when I first signed up I wanted to explore the site, but you have to complete your profile before it will let you do much of anything else. And when I say complete, I mean complete. You can’t leave any answer blank or it will bring you back to the edit page and ask you to fill it in again. Some answers simply seemed irrelevant to me or were difficult to quantify by only the drop-down menu options. How can you expect me to choose only one favorite television genre?!

And finally, as someone who does not partake in the popular pastime of pot, a lot of this site was lost on me, as I’m sure it would be for others in my position. But I assume you wouldn’t be in this horrendous place unless you were a stoner in the first place.


Overall, I can’t say I was overly impressed with 420 Singles. The site design is less than impressive and is not feature rich. And with the popularity of smoking weed these days, it seems to me you could use almost any other dating site and have almost the same success rate in ending up with a stoner. Most other adult dating sites already have an area of the profile for disclosing your drinking/smoking/drug habits, so why settle for this site? It doesn’t offer anything special or unique, other than the novelty of being an all-stoner dating site. Why would you want to put yourself on a site where every members’ first concern is that you are a fellow stoner? Are you the nicest person alive? Wild in the bedroom? Totally well off financially? Gorgeous? These stoners don’t care unless you’re a stoner, dude.