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CONSIDER this about Channel 7's hit US drama series, Revenge.

The female protagonist Emily VanCamp is Canadian, her on-screen boyfriend Josh Bowman is a former rugby player from Berkshire, England, and the man behind the pilot is one Australian director by the name of Phillip Noyce: who said the sun had set on the British empire?

For Bowman at least, the chance to break into Hollywood at such an early stage in his acting career is not something he's keen to brag about to his miffed American mates.

"They are actually getting a bit annoyed," Bowman says, grinning.

"It's like 'oh God, here we go, he's English or he's Australian', but it's a really good time for us both at the moment. It's nice that we're being given a shot and it's why I really moved over to America to give it a go."

It wasn't meant to be like this for the young heart-throb, whose looks alone would have qualified him to come straight from Central Casting.

Instead it was as a rugby player where Bowman thought he would make his mark.

Scoring a contract with UK club side Saracens, everything was going to plan when a shoulder injury put a dent in his career dream.

"I lived and breathed rugby and, like a lot of people here in Australia, I was obsessed with sport but it didn't really work out. I had a couple of operations and the manager let me go for being injury prone."

At a dead end at just 19, it took some guts and a little luck (signing on with an agent friend) to try a new game plan.

Moving to New York, Bowman immersed himself in acting lessons and mastering the American accent.

"It was the best way to pick it up really, just crack on with it," Bowman says.

But the football training wasn't forgotten entirely.

"The discipline involved with being a professional sportsman - those traits help you in acting.

"Unless you've been through it, you have no idea what it takes to get to an elite level. And that's definitely helped me in terms of the acting. Emily VanCamp was a ballet dancer and she's one of the most disciplined people I've ever met. It's nice to use that teamwork and camaraderie. And, of course, I'm very competitive."

Not every new actor gets to find his feet on one of the breakthrough TV hits of the year, playing privileged rich kid Daniel Grayson.

While the couple are coy about confirming it, Bowman has also begun dating VanCamp, his on-screen love interest as the revenge-seeker Emily Thorne.

Gossip aside, his wide-eyed approach to acting life also means the 25-year-old has come to the project with no hang-ups about working on what the critics dismissed early on as just another soap.

As Bowman argues, in the hands of TV hitmaker Mike Kelly, the drama pushes the boundaries of the ridiculous without crossing into being unwatchable. "Mike is really verging on the edge of that, he walks that line very, very well."

For most of the filming, Bowman reveals he was unsure whether he would live beyond the first season.

Giving nothing away, Bowman says: "Mike kept me guessing because I was asking 'should I be looking for other jobs'? He told me just enough to keep me involved."

As the series reaches its season one climax, local fans can expect a bit more Daniel Grayson on their TV screens as the love triangle with Emily Thorne's childhood sweetheart and nice-guy bartender, Jack Porter, heats up. Surprisingly, Bowman is rooting for his on-screen rival (played by Nick Wechsler).

"I'm definitely Team Jack," Bowman says. "If I take myself out of the situation, I don't like Daniel. (Emily) needs to be with this lovely, unaffected, beautiful man with a boat and they can just sail off together. She deserves that because she got messed over, f----d over - can I say that? - by my (on-screen) family."

-- Revenge returns May 21, Channel 7

Originally published as Josh talks love and revenge