Want bro dating a soo good

Brother/Sister: You’re Dating A Member Of the Wanted

Zayn: “Sis?” You heard Zayn’s voice call out. You were in your room, texting your boyfriend Max.

“Yeah Z?” You yelled back.

“There you are,” Zayn grinned as he appeared in your bedroom’s doorway. “Who ya texting?” You swallowed nervously.

“No one,” you answered quickly. Zayn rolled his eyes and jumped onto your bed.

“I’m not an idiot, Y/N,” he grabbed your phone from you.

“Zayn!” You shrieked, trying to get it back. He simply stood up, and you stopped, knowing you’d never reach it.

“Ooh, a boyfriend,” he grinned evil-like at you. “Have any pictures of him?” Your eyes widened.

“No,” you said as you started trying to get your phone again.

“Lies. You have a whole folder of pictures called ‘boyfriend.’” Zayn froze. “Max George?

Harry: You were incredibly nervous. Harry, your brother, was coming to visit for the first time in three months and you knew he wouldn’t be happy. A week ago you’d revealed to the world your boyfriend, Nathan from The Wanted. "Y/N?” You heard Harry’s voice echo through your flat. You’d moved out only a few months after Harry got third on the X-Factor. He’d gone to see your parents first, but now he was coming to see you.

“In here!” You yelled from the kitchen. He ran in and hugged you tightly. Even if he was mad, and surely he was, he still was happy to see you again. “How’s it going?”

“Great! I was better before I found out who your boyfriend was…” Harry trailed off.

“Oh, right,” you muttered nervously.

“I’m not letting my little sister date someone from The Wanted!” Harry yelled.

“I’m a year older than you,” you pointed out.

“I’m not letting my sister date anyone in The Wanted,” Harry corrected.

“I didn’t think you should’ve dated Taylor,” you argued. Harry stood quietly.

“We ended it like, two seconds after we started dating,” Harry said finally.

“Yeah, but I’m not dating someone who’s over four years older than I am, or twice my age.” You turned away from Harry. “I’m not letting you judge my relationship, Harry. Not when you’re so horrible at your own.”

Niall: “YYYYY/NNNN!!!!!!!!” Your brother dragged out your name. “I have a question!”

“What, Niall?” You yawned, tired. You’d stayed out late with your boyfriend and his friends and you were exhausted.

“Why would anyone want to date The Wanted?” His question woke you up.


“Apparently last night they were all out with Tom’s new girlfriend. Ha. Like he’d get a girl,” Niall snorted.

“Don’t be mean Niall. I’m sure they’re all nice guys,” you told him.

“I doubt it. I’ve met them.”

“Well, maybe you guys could be nice to them. If Zayn and Louis hadn’t started a fight maybe you’d all be friends. It’s about the music, the fans. Not celebrity status,” you said, partially quoting Nathan.

“Okay, what the hell?” Niall looked at you. “Are you feeling right? You look sick.”

“I’m not sick, tired if anything. I was hanging out with my boyfriend and his friends. They’re really cool guys,” you shrugged.

“Your boyfriend?” Niall asked. “Name?”

“Tom,” you smirked at him. “You should know him-you’ve met The Wanted, haven’t you?”

Liam: Liam was glaring at you as you ran up to hug him. He accepted the hug, but quickly pulled away. “So,” you smiled. “How’s tour?”

“Pretty good. I got management to let me stop by and see you and your boyfriend,” Liam said sourly, letting you know he didn’t approve.

“Oh, well, we’re good,” you shrugged.

“You’re dating the bad boy!” Liam shouted. “And you say you’re good?”

“Why do you say he’s the bad boy?” You ask.

“I’m not blind, Y/N,” Liam scowled. “I don’t want you to date him.”

“Okay first, you don’t control me. I’m twenty-four, you’re nineteen. And second, is Zayn a bad boy?”

“Not really…” Liam sighed. “I see your point. But I want to meet him.”

Louis: “So, you’re dating someone?” Louis asked over the phone.

“Yup!” You said excitedly.

“Do I need to do the whole older-brother speech?” You could almost see him smirking.

“You’re older by ten minutes,” you snorted. “And no.”

“Alright,” he sighed. “Spill the deets, giirl!” Louis put on a ridiculous voice that had you doubled up in laughter.

“Um, well, it’s been awesome,” you start.

“OMG!” Louis gasped.


“Hey, I have to give away my twin sister. You can put up with the comments,” Louis pointed out.

“True,” you laugh. “But what do you want to know?”

“I think name would be kinda cool.”


“Mum?” Louis’ confused face appeared in your mind.

“No, he’s a guy. I think you know him. He’s famous,” you shrug.

“Famous guy I know named Jay…” there was a brief pause. “Can you give me a hint?”

“You want me to give you a hint?” You ask.

“Yes, I want an answer!”

“You wanted an answer?” You smirked as you waited.

“Out of all the bands you could’ve chosen, you chose that-” you hung up before Louis could finish. He was known to use some very colorful language.