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Hey everyone! Elizabeth Kitt here. You may know me from Jake Pavelka’s season of “The Bachelor” and season one of “The Bachelor Pad.” I’m here to tell you my story of how I found love… but not on national television! Instead, I met my soul mate on Match.com. Here’s how it all went down.

2010 was a pretty emotional year for me. In January, I was on “The Bachelor” taking a shot at finding love with Jake, and in August, I was on “The Bachelor Pad” getting my heart broken by Jesse Kovacs. After the shows ended I went back to my regular life living alone and working long hours. I soon found myself feeling more alone than I’ve ever felt. I decided I could waste away alone and overworked in my Los Angeles apartment, or I could get myself out there! So, I decided to purchase a 6-month subscription to Match.com.

Starting off on Match.com was an immediate thrill. I decided to have fun with it and not take each date too seriously. When I got a message from someone who seemed interesting, I immediately set up a time to meet. I went on tons of dates in those 6 months!

Toward the end of my 6-month subscription, I got a message from a guy that read, “In case you missed the first one”. The note jumped out at me because I had, in fact, missed the first message. I took a peek at his pictures, I read a little bit of his profile, I made sure he met my height requirement, age requirement, etc., and then I sent him a message back: “Let’s meet up! Just tell me when and where, and I’ll be there.”

When I met up with Joshua at a trendy little bar in Santa Monica I had no expectations. I can’t even remember the conversation we had that night, but I do remember thinking, “I am having so much fun talking to this guy!” When it was time to call it a night he walked me to my car. It was obvious that we were both excited about how the night had gone, and that’s when he asked me… “So how does this work? I know you said you don’t kiss on the first date, so how do I get a second date with you?” I paused for a minute and asked him, “Well, how many dates have you been on from Match.com?” To my surprise he told me I was his FIRST DATE on Match.com. I was shocked! We called it a night, and as soon as I got home I sent him a text that said, “You will get your second date with me as soon as you have gone on 5 first dates from Match.com. So I guess I will see you in a week, or a month, or two months. It depends on how quickly you can go on 5 first dates!” I knew this was risky for me since he could possibly go on a few more dates and fall head-over-heels for someone, but if that happened, I would have been happy for him. He was a good guy and deserved a really good girl.

To my excitement, he accepted my challenge… and sent me a synopsis of how each date went!

When it came time for his 5th and final date, I had one more date to go on too. I now realized what I had been putting him through. I was on a date with one guy, but I really just wanted to be with Joshua! After our dates ended, I ran to be with Joshua. At that point I knew and he knew that there wasn’t anyone else out there for us. We had found our soul mates. All thanks to Match.com!

Elizabeth and Josh

Elizabeth and Josh

Elizavice: Dating isn’t an exact science. Although it took me a while to find love, it may take others only a moment.. Match.com gave me the greatest gift of all, and I can only hope that others get out of their comfort zone enough to give love a shot in the new media age.

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Note: Elizabeth Kitt was financially compensated by Match.com to provide her story here.