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Controversial Facts About South Korea and Dating Korean Women

Controversial facts about South Korea and the dating Korean women! Discover the shocking reality that South Korea finds in its’ dating and relationships with Korean ladies.

Warning! You’re about to read some shocking facts about South Korea.They’ll radically change your perspective of South Korea and Koreans. You’ll also discover why things are the way they are in South Korea.Ready?Here we go!

In spite of its ‘innocent look’ – South Korea has the highest pornography revenue per capita in 2011!South Korea in 2006 spent $25,730 million on prostitution and pornography, seconded only by China as a nation. That was roughly 2% of the country’s GDP in 2007!The irony is that it’s illegal to pay for online pornography in Korea. So how do South Koreans spend their money on porn? They either go to hostess bars, anmas (안마) or pay for freelancers whose business cards litter the streets of Korea. South Korea has one of the highest abortion rates in the world!

For a developed country South Korea boasts one of the highest abortion rates in the world.With a population of 50 million roughly 1.7 million of unborn were aborted in 2007.Sure that’s some time ago but if you think about all the ‘unreported’ abortions you can imagine that the number is higher now!Granted most families want a boy so they abort girl fetuses.Then there’s the fact that most Koreans don’t use condoms and view abortion as a form of contraception.These preceding facts in my opinion are to due to this one:South Korean schools don’t teach sexual education.In South Korea talking about ‘sex’ is so taboo adults fail to teach teenagers its’ dangers in schools. The school system fears that talking about sexual education can open a can of worms and make sexual dynamics in Korea (like rampant prostitution and abortions) worse.  I personally believe the opposite would happen. South Korea has the highest suicide rate of the modern world!In 2009 roughly 31 out of 100,000 people committed suicide per year (that’s a big number!) In Seoul the government put barriers in the subways to help prevent this trend. Sadly the culture is so homogeneous and unforgiving that many Koreans just take their lives! In 2009 there were scandals of famous people committing suicide for financial (or other) reasons.Yes these facts about South Korea aren’t very cheerful. Hopefully these will lighten the mood.One out of 10 marriages in South Korea are interracial.So much for being a homogeneous country. A tenth of the marriages are international and increasing!This is not surprising once you understand the truth because: Koreans have been having interracial marriages since 48 AD!

A Korean king named Kim Gimhae (of a southeastern Korean state) married a north Indian princess. Many Koreans in that region claim to be descendants of their union.There are more examples from the middle-ages and even later as China and Korea traded frequently!So contrary to what people may think, Korea too is a country of mixed races. It only need to accept it.

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Startling Facts About South Korea

I find these facts about South Korea and Korean dating enlightening because it cuts through all the propaganda.No, Korea is not a perfect country.South Korea is not a ‘pure’ nation where everyone is ‘happy’ in their ‘harmonious community’.You might think that I hold a grudge against South Korean culture.My qualm is not with their imperfections but with South Korea’s unwillingness to admit and address these issues.Instead it’s simpler to deny the situation and scape goat the foreigners. :/So now you know what’s really going on in Korea. I don’t recommend discussing these topics on a date. On the other hand if you have Korean friends then please be my guest!  While you’re at it grab a copy of my e-book on South Korean culture facts to help understand your Korean date The world is changing and I hope that South Korea changes positively with it.