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A celeb who unveils that she is shy and doesn't get along with people that much is none other than the gorgeous Kristin Kreuk who was the first choice for Mission: Impossible alongside Tom Crusie and Jeremy Renner but lost out to Paula Patton.

Did you know if she had any love affairs and relationships? There's one and only one man who came in her life and is still standing alongside her.  Kristin started dating her only boyfriend Mark Hildreth a Canadian actor/musician in the late 2004 and even when they had so many ups and downs in their relationship, the couple is still together.

Kristin Kreuk and her Boyfriend Mark Hildreth: A Lovely Relationship!

Kristin and her beau Mark met each other for the first time in 2004 and soon after, the couple started dating each other in September. 

Kristin Kreuk and her beau Mark Hildreth met each other in 2004

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Back then the couple dated each other for few months and broke up. The reason for their break up was reported to be their busy work schedules and long distance.

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This was not the end of the couple's relationship as in 2010, the lovebirds come along together, stronger than ever.

Kristin and her beau Mark get along each other after the breakup  

The break up wasn't the end of the line for the couple as Kristin and Mark again hooked up in 2010 after more than five years of separation. Love can never be erased!

Stronger than ever!  Kristin and Mark came together again in 2010

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Since then, the couple is spotted together a lot of times.



As the couple decided to reunite again and came back together even stronger fans speculated if the couple is ready to tie the knot.

Are Kristin and Mark Married?

In 2011, Kristin and Mark went into a live-in relationship in their house in Los Angeles.

In 2011, Kristin and Mark went into the live-in relationship and stayed together in their house in Los Angeles

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Though the couple is in a live-in relationship for this long neither of them has revealed about getting married any sooner. Will the marriage ever take place?

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