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Welcome to the Milky Way galaxy in the twenty-third century. Yes, of course, we are talking about Star Trek. From the very first episode aired way back in 1966 all the way up until the 2016’s feature film Star Trek Beyond, Star Trek has never merely been just a television and movie franchise but rather it is an entire world of its own. The genius behind it all is Gene Roddenberry and we doubt that he knew what Star Trek would become when he released that very first season of Star Trek: The Original Series all those years ago. One single television series of Star Trek eventually turned into a franchise made up of six additional television series, thirteen feature films, games, toys, books, and a dictionary for an entirely constructed language. This whole franchise totaled a revenue of $10 billion as of 2016. That makes Star Trek the 7th highest-grossing media franchises of all time.

If you happened to have missed this particular global phenomenon (just in case you have been hiding under a rock for the past 51 years) Star Trek is about Captain James Kirk and his loyal crew that goes on interstellar adventures on the starship USS Enterprise, which was built by the United Federation of Planets. They are the federal republic of the twenty-third century who sent Captain Kirk aboard the Enterprise to go on a mission of peaceful exploration, however, the ship encounters many not so peaceful species along the way.

So take a step aboard the starship USS Enterprise and let’s take a trip back in time. Where to, you ask? Where no man has gone before. Well, not really. We are going to take you on a journey back to high school in order to see what our favorite Star Trek cast looked like when they were younger. But we are going to be looking specifically at the women of Star Trek. Why exactly? Because the women of star trek were trailblazers. It was one of the first times that woman were put in roles of leadership and power. These women were captains and engineers. Equally leading and fighting right along with their male counterparts. They were both independent and strong women. So let’s take a look at what these gorgeous actresses looked like in their “awkward stage” (yes, we also doubt that they even had an awkward stage) and lets journey back in time to find out what these superstar actresses were up to in their formative high school years.

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Kate Mulgrew as Captain Kathryn Janeway

Kate Mulgrew is probably the most famous woman in Star Trek history. She served as the first-ever female captain on the Star Trek – USS Voyager. Mulgrew said that “I got the pleasure of transcending stereotypes that I was very familiar with.” Kate acted in every version of Star Trek released at the time from feature films such as Star Trek: Nemesis to Star Trek video games. Kate starred in Stark trek until the program concluded in 2001.

Kate Mulgrew – in high school

Kate Mulgrew was born in 1955 in Dubuque, Iowa. Kate lived with her mother who was and a painter and with her father who was a contractor. She went to Wahlert High School and got accepted the New York University Stella Adler Conservatory of Acting when she was only 17 years old. Kate worked hard in order to move to New York City and to be able to attend this elite program so she worked as a waitress to be able to pay her own way.

Whoopi Goldberg as Guinan

Did you know that Whoopi Goldberg was also an actor on Star Trek: Next Generation? Whoopi played the role of Guinan who was of the El-Aurian race and acted as the emotional advisor for the crew of the ship. Whoopi is a household name and is a talented actress, comedian, television host, and author. She is an Emmy Award, Oscar, and Tony award-winning superstar who has graced the screen of many blockbuster hits including The Color Purple.

Whoopi Goldberg – in high school

Whoopi Goldberg was actually born with the name Caryn Elaine Johnson in Manhattan, New York City in 1955. She said that she got her name from her old saying, “If you get a little gassy, you’ve got to let it go. So people used to say to me, ‘You’re like a whoopee cushion.’ And that’s where the name came from.” Whoopi was raised by a single mother. Whoopi is also a high school dropout from Washington Irving High School which thankfully served her well.

Zoe Saldana as Nyota Uhura

Zoe Saldana portrayed Nyota Uhura in all of the most recent Star Trek movies. In the movie, Uhura is a cadet in the academy who gets promoted to a communications officer of the Enterprise who specializes in linguistics. Captain Kirk tries to flirt with Uhura to no avail and Uhara actually ends up with Spock who is  Kirk’s best friend. Zoe Saldana was surprisingly not a Star Trek fan until she accepted the role and learned more about the epic world that is Star Trek.

Zoe Saldana – in high school

Zoe was born in New Jersey to a Dominican father and a Puerto Rican mother. Zoe was raised in New York speaking both English and Spanish at home with her parents and two sisters. Zoe’s dad tragically passed away in a car crash when Zoe was only 9 years old. Her mother subsequently moved the family to the Dominican Republic. Zoe attended ECOS Espacio de Danza Academy where she mainly studied ballet. The family returned to the big city when Zoe was a high school sophomore.

Sherry Jackson as Andrea

Sherry Jackson portrayed the role of a female android named Andrea on Star Trek. While she was not a human she was able to mimic human behavior. Later on, when she was ordered to kiss Captain Kirk ,Andrea felt the emotions of confusion and sadness, which proved she had learned new emotions on her own, beyond what her programmer, Roger Korby, had installed in her. She responded that she was “not programmed” for Captain Kirk.

Sherry Jackson – in high school

Sherry Jackson was born in Wendell, Idaho in 1942. Sherry’s mother Kathleen Gilbert was a singing, drama, and dance teacher for her children including Sherry and her other two brothers. In 1948 Sherry’s father passed away so her mother moved the family to Los Angeles, California. And in within her first year in California, she was already on the big screen. She subsequently went on to be in many more films especially when her mother remarried to Montgomery Pittman, a famous screenwriter, director, and actor who helped Sherry make it big.

Barbara Bouchet as Kelinda

Kelinda is part of the Kelvan Empire and helped attack the USS Enterprise. The Kelvans took on human life forms in order to hijack a ship and take it home. However, the Kelvans were not used to human emotions and Kelinda was definitely not prepared for Captain James Kirk to try and seduce her – though she welcomed his efforts. Kelinda enjoyed human feelings and sensations that she experienced with Rojan, the commander of the Kelvan expedition.

Barbara Bouchet – in high school

Barbara Bouchet was born in 1944 in Reichenberg, Germany, which today is a part of the Czech Republic. Once World War II ended Barbara and her family were placed in a resettlement camp in an American occupation zone in Germany until they received permission to move to America. The Bouchet family moved to Five Points, California and then to San Fransisco where Barbara was a teenage dancer on a local television station’s show called The KPIX Dance Party.

Beth Toussaint as Ishara Yar

Beth Toussaint played Tasha Yar’s younger sister, Ishara, who was introduced on an episode after she her sister’s death.

Ishara was a Coalition member on the planet Turkana IV. When the Enterprise landed on her planet for a rescue mission, they ended up stunning Yar. After she was brought her back to the Enterprise to save her, she tried to join the ship. However, Ishara would later betray their trust, leading Captain Picard to note they had all hoped to find more of her sister in her than existed.

Beth Toussaint – in high school

Beth Toussaint was born and raised in the Pleasant Hill, California in 1962. She was an only child and attended Pleasant Hill High School. She made it on to the very same track team that actress Julie Strain also was a part of. She went on to attend Drake University proving that this beauty also has brains. Beth starred in quite a few music videos in the ’80s, including Bon Jovi, Bob Seger, SAGA, and Peter Cetera, before she made it as an actress.

Yvonne Craig as Marta

Yvonne Craig landed the role of playing the seductive role of Marta on the original Star Trek television series. Marta was an inmate of the Federation’s asylum that was situated in Elba II. Captain James Kirk as captured by Garth and placed in the same holding cell as Marta. Marta tried to kill Kirk but Kirk was too resourceful and was able to fight her off. Garth later killed her with explosives and made an example out of her in order to prove what he would do the rest of the hostages unless he be set free.

Yvonne Craig – in high school

Yvonne Craig is an American actress who was born in 1937 in Taylorville, Illinois. In 1951 her family moved to Dallas, Texas and Yvonne was signed up to attend Sunset High School. It may surprise you that Yvonne did not technically graduate high school since she is still missing “a single PE credit”. That did not seem to get in her way since she went on to be a superstar who is most famous for playing Batgirl in the Batman television series. She was called “a pioneer of female superheroes”.

Sally Kellerman as Dr. Elizabeth Dehner

Sally Kellerman was picked to play the role of Dr. Elizabeth Dehner on the very first season of Star Trek. Elizabeth served the role on the USS Enterprise of the Psychiatrist for the crew. Back in the academy, Elizabeth published a thesis for the College of Medical Sciences and was subsequently posted on the Aldebaron colony so that she could study psionic energy. However, when the ship passed through the Galactic Barrier it gave Elizabeth superpowers, and she was subsequently killed when Captain Kirk tried to quarantine her.

Sally Kellerman – in high school

Sally Kellerman was born in 1937 in Long Beach, California. Sally’s family moved to Park La Brea, Los Angeles when she was a sophomore and she switched to attend Hollywood High School. Sally was known as a very shy young woman and did not excel in high school. However, she did act in the school play of Meet Me in St. Louis. Her friend sent the video of the play to the head of Verve Records who signed Sally as a recording artist, but sally walked away due to the pressure.

Ashley Judd as Robin Lefler

Ashley Judd actually had no experience in acting in a professional forum before she landed the role of Robin Lefler and her career took off ever since she graced the screen of Star Trek: The Next Generation in 1991. Robin graduated from the Starfleet Academy and was assigned to be on the USS Enterprise-D as the assistant to the Chief Engineer Geordi La Forge to prepare the ship for battle against the Tamarian deep space cruiser. Robin may have only acted in a two-part episode on Star Trek but she blew the audience away and is still remembered today.

Ashley Judd – in high school

Ashley Judd has become a household name. She was born in 1968 in Granada Hills, Los Angeles. Her mother is country music legend Naomi Judd, as is her sister Wynonna, while her father Michael Ciminella was a horse racing marketing analyst. After her parents’ divorce, her mother took her daughters back to Kentucky, where she was from. Ashley actually went to 13 schools before she attended college including Franklin High School in Tennessee. During a vacation, Ashley dabbled in modeling while she was in Japan.

Alice Eve as Carol Marcus

Doctor Carol Marcus was portrayed by Alice Eve on the Oscar-nominated film Star Trek: Into the Darkness. Carol worked and lived on the USS Enterprise. She used her mother’s maiden name to sneak her way onto the ship. She ended up proving useful because she saved Captain Kirk’s life by deactivating a torpedo that Kirk’s hand was trapped under. There ended up finding a frozen man in that torpedo named Khan Noonien Singh and was awakened to prepare for the battle against the Klingon.

Alice Eve – in high school

Alice Eve was born in London in 1982. Alice attended the Bedales school and then the More House School. Alice took a year off to study at the Beverly Hills Playhouse. She later went to Oxford to get a Bachelor’s of Arts in St. Catherine’s College. At Oxford, the stunning actress performed in many plays. She ended marrying her high school sweetheart Alex Cowper-Smith in 2014. However, by 2017 the gorgeous couple had split up.

Nazneen Contractor as Rima Harewood

Rima Harewood is married to Thomas Harewood who is a Starfleet officer. Rima and Thomas have a daughter together named Lucille Harewood, however, Lucille is terminally sick and was being treated at the Royal Children’s hospital when Thomas made a deal with the devil. Thomas met a stranger that agreed to heal Lucille if he would blow up the Kelvin Memorial Archive. Thomas died in the process of fulfilling the agreement and Lucille became a widow but her daughter was healed.

Nazneen Contractor – in high school

Nazneen Contractor is a Canadian actress who was born in Mumba in 1982 to two Parsi parents. The family left Mumbai for Nigeria when Nazneen was only 7 years old. They finally ended up in Toronto, Canada when Nazneen spent the rest of her childhood and young adult life. Nanzneen starting dating and eventually ended up marrying her co-star from 24 Carlo Rota in 2010 and the two have a son together. Nazneed went on to star in many famous movies and television series.

Winona Ryder as Amanda Grayson

Amanda Grayson from the Star Trek movie released in 2009 was a human who lived on earth as a teacher. Amanda married Sarek, an Ambassador of the Vulcan people on earth. They had a baby boy named Spock. Amanda and her husband went to the Katric ark in order to save the Vulcan culture and knowledge but she died in the process despite Spock’s attempts to save her. Kirk used Spock’s love of his mother and anger at Nero for having a hand in her death to prove that Spock had human emotions.

Winona Ryder – in high school

Winona Ryder was born in a farmhouse in Minnesota in 1971. Her parents named her Winona Laura Horowitz but Winona changed her name when she moved to Hollywood. In 1978 the family moved to a commune in California called Rainbow. They had no electricity or television and lived with 7 other families on a 300-acre plot of land. When Ryder was 10 years old her family moved to Petaluma, California. and enroled her in Kenilworth Junior High but she was bullied for her clothes and being scrawny so her parents homeschooled her instead.

Jennifer Morrison as Winona Kirk

Winona Kirk was a human and George Kirk’s wife, the Starfleet officer and parent of George Samuel and James T. Kirk who became the captain of the Starfleet in honor of his father. Winona lived on the USS Kelvin with her husband who served the first officer aboard the starship. Winona had a total of 4 grandchildren, 1 from her son James and 3 from her other son Geroge Samuel. The famous and gorgeous Jennifer Morrison portrayed Winona Kirk in the film Star Trek.

Jennifer Morrison – in high school

Jennifer Morrison was born in 1979 in Chicago, Illinois as the eldest of three children. Jennifer first went to South Middle School in Chicago before she attended Prospect High School which was the same school that her parents worked and her father was a music teacher as well as Teacher of The Year. Jennifer was an all-around superstar growing up. She was a cheerleader in the pep squad, sang in the school choir, and was even an All-State clarinet player in the school’s marching band.

Majel Barrett as the Enterprise Computer

Majel Barrett was the voice behind the Enterprise Computer as well as many other computers throughout the seasons of Star Trek. Majel Barrett was married to the creator of Star Trek Gene Roddenberry and was coined by the media as “The First Lady of Star Trek”. Gene put his wife in 6 out of the 7 Star Trek series as well as in 5 of the Star Trek films making her the actress that was featured the most in all of Star Trek History.

Majel Barrett – in high school (deceased)

Majel Barrett was born in 1932 in Cleveland, Ohio. Majel graduated from Shaker Heights High School in 1990 and took acting classes since she was a child. Majel went on to attend the University of Miami in Coral Gables, Florida and even landed a few small roles in Hollywood during this time. Majel married the creator of Star Trek, Gene Roddenberry in 1969 and they lived together in Bel Air, California until his death in 1991. Majel passed away in 2008 from Leukemia.

Sonequa Martin-Green as Michael Burnham

Michael Burnham is a human born on earth and raised by Vulcans Ambassador Sarek and Amanda Grayson who are Spock’s biological parents. Michael was adopted into their family since her parents were murdered by Klingons. Michael became the commander of the USS Shenzhou and the first officer to Captain Philippa Georgiou. Michael was charged with mutiny and sentenced to a life in prison but was a given a second chance and was subsequently sent to serve aboard the USS Discovery.

Sonequa Martin-Green – in high school

Sonequa Martin-Green was born in 1985 in Russellville, Alabama and portrays Michael Burnham in Star Trek: Discovery. Sonequa said that “I didn’t know I was going to be an actor until I was 16. I thought I was going to be a psychologist”. She thought the two careers were similar and decided to pursue an acting career so she attended the University of Alabama in 2007 and received a degree in theatre. Sonequa married Kenric Green in 2010 and they have a child together in California.

Mary Wiseman as Sylvia Tilly

Sylvia Tilly is a main character on Star Trek: Discovery and is portrayed by Mary Wiseman. Sylvia in a Starfleet cadet who shared a room with Michael Burnham. She was fast-tracked onto the USS Discovery to serve as an engineer. Sylvia is socially awkward and is allergic to many things such as polyester which makes her snore. Ironically, Sylvia was helping her former roommate Michael socially and introduced her to Ash Taylor, Michael’s future lover.

Mary Wiseman – in high school

Mary Wiseman was born in 1985 in Gaithersburg, Maryland. Mary always knew that she wanted to be an actress even from an early age. Marry signed up for the DC Shakespeare Theatre’s high school outreach program in order to realize her dreams. She then went on to attend Boston University in order to study theatre. Marie was a part of the prestigious Juilliard School’s Drama Division. She participated and acted in many plays while at Boston University.

Diana Muldaur as Doctor Pulaski

Katherine Pulaski was portrayed by Diana Muldaur in Star Trek: The Next Generation. Katherine was a Commander of the USS Enterprise-D as well as the chief medical officer. She also served on the USS Repulse before she was transferred to the USS Enterprise-D. Katherine had a fear of transporting just like the character that played the chief medical officer in the last Star Trek Series, Dr. Leonard McCoy. The actress Diana Muldaur in now 73 years old.

Diana Muldaur – in high school

Diana Muldaur was born 1938 in Brooklyn, New York, U.S.A. Diana was raised in Martha’s Vineyard which is an island of Massachusetts. Diana has been acting ever since she was in high school and went on to study at Sweet Briar College in 1960 to learn theatre. Diana went back to New York to perform in plays and became the first woman to ever become the president of the Academy of Television Arts & Sciences.

Emily Coutts as Keyla Detmer

Keyla Detmer serves on the USS Discovery in the Star Trek: Discovery series as a lieutenant to the captain Gabriel Lorca. Previously Keyla served on the USS Shenzhou and was hurt in the Battle of the Binary Stars and that is why she wears the ocular implants. Keyla is portrayed by the actress and producer Emily Coutts. Emily also acted in the Murdoch Mystery television series, The L.A Complex, as well as Transporter: The Series. She is currently working on the film Goliath.

Emily Coutts – in high school

Emily Coutts was born in Toronto, Canada in 1989. She went to York University in order to obtain a BFA. Emily aslo graduated from the Acting Conservatory at The Canadian Film Center in 2016. Emily was cast in many plays while she was at York University and her most recent movies and television shows include Come Back, Murdoch Mysteries, The Best Christmas Party Ever, Beattie and Mae, Barn Wedding, 3-Way (Not Calling), and many more.

Rachel Nichols as Gaila

Gaila is portrayed by Rachel Nichols in the 2009 Star Trek movie. Towards the begiing of the film Gaila makes love to James Kirk while they are at the Starfleet Acedemy together. Gaila had many men visit her dorm room to her roommate’s, Nyota Uhura, unapproved and dismay. When Gaila professes her love to Kirk he replies by saying “That is so weird.” Rachel Nichols has played in many other famous movies including The Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants 2 and Continuum.

Rachel Nichols – in high school

Rachel Nichols was born in 1980 in Augusta, Maine, U.S. Rachel’s father was a schoolteacher and she attended Cony High School. Rachel graduated from high school in 1998 and went straight to Columbia University in New York in order to become an analyst on Wall Street. While at university she was noticed by a modeling agency and signed immediately. She paid her way through university by modeling in Paris as well as doing ad campaigns for L’Oreal, Guess, and Abercrombie & Fitch. She graduated with a double major in math and economics.

Jeri Ryan as Seven of Nine

Jeri Ryan played one of the most famous characters of Star Trek of all time – Seven of Nine on Star Trek: Voyager. Seven of Nine was a former Borg drone who liberated by the USS Voyager and joins the crew. Jeri Ryan became incredibly famous for her role on Star Trek as Seven of Nine and she was nominated four times for the Saturn Award for her acting on Star Trek: Voyager and she finally won in 2001.

Jeri Ryan – in high school

Jeri Ryan was born in Munich, Germany in 1968. Her father was a master sergeant in the U.S Army which is why Jeri grew up as a “military brat” living in Texas, Maryland, Hawaii, Georgia, and Kansas because of her father’s changes in military posts. Jeri graduated from Lone Oak High School as a National Merit Scholar when her family finally settled down. Jeri went on to attend Northwestern University and even became Miss Illinois before coming in 3rd place in the Miss America competition.

Marina Sirtis as Deanna Troi

Deanna Troi was a character on the Star Trek: The Next Generation and was portrayed by the actress Marina Sirtis. Deanna is a species compiled of half-benzoin and half-human genes to create a unique individual who could feel the emotions that other people felt. This attribute made for a great counselor for the ship’s crew. Deanna acted as a consultant time and again for the Captain of the ship and is remembered by all her viewers for being a truly empathetic and special woman.

Marina Sirtis – in high school

Marina Sirtis was born in London, England in 195 to two Greek parents. Her mother was a tailor’s assistant to help make ends meet while Marina was growing up. Her parents did not approve of Marina’s aspirations and forbade her from auditioning for the Guildhall School of Music and Drama, but of course, she did it anyway and got accepted. After high school, Marina joined the Connaught Theatre and moved to Los Angeles when she was 31 years old.