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My UK Dating is one of the best online dating sites for single men and women in the UK. Our site is a doorway into this online world in which you'll find new friends with whom you'll be able to make arrangements to meet up. You'll be able to get to know people who live nearby or who are further away but whoever you meet you can use the site to break the ice and flirt a little before meeting for the first time. We have a range of categories to suit most tastes. Life's too short to let opportunities like this pass you by - join us and enjoy the party.

Online dating has become mainstream and is now a widely accepted method for finding new partners and friends but in such a large market how can we know which sites are worth joining and subscribing to? Which are the best online dating sites?

We aim to provide the online dater with the optimum experience and to give excellent value for money.

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Most popular dating sites can bring you fun, friendship, romance, and passion, but we like to think that we go that little bit further with the help of our friendly support staff and efficient technical team.

The evidence speaks for itself and there are thousands of couples who can testify that online dating has worked for them and many of them found success.

The only way you will ever find out if UK dating is for you is to register and give it a try. We believe that our feature packed site gives you excellent results as it has for many former members.

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Single men and women of all ages living in the UK have long since made use of the many advantages of online dating sites. From the moment our members join our site they are presented with a growing membership of thousands who all share the same objectives. Many of these people will be local to you and others will be spread far and wide but when it comes to finding the perfect match for you distance should not be a hinderance.

Many couples who found each other using our UK dating site did so even though they live many miles apart. In some cases they were at opposite ends of the country, but such was the interest generated online, then the attraction felt when communicating by phone and web chat or video call, that they had no hesitation in meeting up for a date. This, of course, is one of the many advantages of using a site designed for those living in the UK.

Once you have registered as a new member we feel sure you'll appreciate the opportunities it offers. If you've exhausted the dating scene in your local community or place of work then it's time to cast the net wider. What could be better than sitting in the comfort of your own home (or place of work, if the boss isn't looking) and browsing through the many thousands of members in England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland who have begun their search within our site.

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Finding Love Online

We once had a couple who met on this site who lived a few hundred miles apart. He lived in Cumbria while she was based in Bristol. Had they not met within our dating site who knows if they would ever have met at all? It would not be impossible, but the chances would have been slim. They checked out each other's profile, sent each other a few messages, and gradually got to know each other online.

Very soon they were sending messages back and forth each day. Then they exchanged phone numbers and the relationship entered a new phase. Much chatting and flirting followed while they decided on a venue for their first date. Being a decent sort of chap the man agreed to travel down to Bristol to see her. This was not online courteous but also reassuring for the lady. She could enjoy the date on her home turf in places with which she was familiar. The date went really well, but it was only the first date after all.


More were to follow and some were in Bristol, a few in Cumbria and others were in romantic locations in between. In fact, the relationship had an unexpected advantage in that it encouraged them both to explore more of the countryside up and down the M5/M6. They both got to see hotels and other places that they probably wouldn't have bothered to visit.

While they were apart they had to make do with the phone, text, and video calls. These helped to feed the flame of their romance and the periods of separation added to the frisson of excitement when they eventually met again. After a few months of dating like this the gentleman popped the question and she readily agreed. A year late they were married and our single girl from Bristol now lives in Cumbria with her husband.

Last we heard they were doing just fine ;)

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