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Hello Everyone. I have till now just read KMB, and never had a chance to post, mostly because I was never able to register successfully, as the link on KMB always just takes you to login. With some help, I was able to signup today to post a comment to this post.

Over the period of time, as someone said, KMB has become degraded. This is true of any thing that is not handled or managed properly. However, I am no one to pass judgement, and as such people here have already commented on this.

Coming to just this particular post, there are two angles from which you can aproach this issue. One is that of religion, the other is that of morality and what and how we want to appear as a nation. There is people from different faith in our society, and every school of thought. Which is what makes us such a wonderful community. It just nothing but saddens me to see flaming posts blaming each other, like there is nothing left in the world to do but fight. I am pretty sure, I will be flamed for whatever I write, but atleast I would have written my thoughts.

Back to the issue, religion (no matter which) always teaches modesty, or what we call "Sharm-O-Haya". Whether tinted or not, having sex or making love, whichever way you like to call it, is something that has been taught to be done indoors. While I completely understand, when people say change is necessary to keep the flare up, but then religion never intended it to be a flame, rather more like a tool to bring people into this world. From our religion’s aspect, its more like this world for which everyone is fighting so much is just a testing place, where everyone is being tested, until the day of the result comes. Sadly enough, pretty much everyone has forgotten, that what they think is right is in actuality right or not? Whether there will be a day when they will have to pay for it or not? Whether "Azaab-e-Kabr" is something thats going to happen because of what one is doing today or not? One can go on, but briefly this is pretty much the religous aspect of it. I havent gone into and wont go into specifics or details of the religion, just because it depends greatly on how much you follow or want to follow. Thats why we have been given something that no other creature created has been given. Choice.

Moral side of this also states, that if you want to do this, atleast make sure that nobody else is able to watch (and try to avoid doing it publicly). There was a time, when nobody would have even thought about this, but we live in a free world (pretty much as we like to think about it). So, yes people like to and want to try different and new things out. Again, not going into specifics about wrong or right relations. This is for one’s own self to decide. Thats why there is that thing called conscience. We all know for the most part what happens to girls or for that matter even boys, who go down this road eventually. A small period of happiness, emotion, tranquility, peace followed by a lifelong feeling of either regret or heartbreak, or something else that just does not feel right, no matter how much you kill and press that feeling.

Whatever is happening today, eventually was going to happen. Times change, and with that all the things that are associated with time. What we as a nation forgot was to go along with time, while keeping our values intact. Look around you, what is happening? Everyone just keeps on complaining. Everybody has lost patience. There is anarchy and chaos all around. Offcourse, the government is busy in its own problems, whatever they are. But then again, as far as without taking the law in one’s own hand, people are trying to do the best that they can.

Then why cant we as a nation come together? Forget whatever happened in the past, stop blaming each other, stop complaining and move forward as a good nation? Some might say I am talking along the lines of a utopian society, but then again, why cant we think of atleast moving towards becoming one? Yes, there are problems, Yes, there are enemies, Yes, there are those who dont want to see us stand united, and progress but then again, the choice of that remains with us.

The only thing, I would want for my country is for it to progress, move forward, more people to get educated, access to food, water and energy. While I am not in a place to do much, I am still trying whatever little I can in doing my part, and I am sure, pretty much whoever is even a little educated has that little desire somewhere, which is pressed by the more immediate needs of family and one’s own self, but atleast the will and desire is there, and that will has shown itself in times of natural disasters.

So why argue about small things? True, we are told to stop bad things from happening in the first place, first by hand, or by tongue, if not that just feel wrong and move away, but then for this to be implemented, we need to have that kind of atmosphere as well, dont we? Otherwise it will only result in more bad things happening.

Good and bad has existed since the start of time and will remain till the end of time. Religion, teaches us, whats good and whats bad. What we can and cant do. After that, it leaves it to one’s own choice what one wants to do with clear warnings and nothing else. As for the bad deeds some show result in this world, rest will after death.

Its become a long post from where it started, but just a combination of feelings that I felt after reading this thread. As for bringing this matter to light, I dont know. One can take it both ways. It becomes an interesting read for some, and well a point to argue for some. Needless to say these things cant be hidden for long, so why not use this as tool for good for what is right, but spreading awareness in a more positive way.

Just some food for thought.