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Cole Sprouse and Debby Ryan have one of the most precious friendships that have ever come out of a television series. That's right, we're throwing that statement out there and we're standing by it, and we have the proof to back it up. Let us explain:

Cole and Debby met and became the best of buds when they co-starred on The Suite Life On Deck as Cody and Bailey. Their characters dated and together, Cailey was one of the cutest Disney Channel couples of all time.

For real, how precious were they?

Well, Cole and Debby worked together from 2008 until 2011 but after three seasons, the series came to end. These two simply never stopped being friends IRL and since their show wrapped, they've given us all tons of precious moments over the years. Like when Deb admitted she totally fangirled over Cole and his brother, her other Suite Life co-star, Dylan, before she was a part of their crew.

@DanielLoveDebby Joan Jett, Lucille Ball, and ready? Dylan & Cole Sprouse.

— debbyryan (@DebbyRyan) November 11, 2012

And how can we ever forget that time Debby shared a stunning photo Cole took of her?

He is very passionate about photography and he likes to use his friends as models, so it makes sense Deb has been the subject of his art before. They did properly unite, along with Dylan, for a hangout session and Debby graced us all with this selfie.

"This was a camera duel. I won. Real thankful for snapchat quality #photography and this friendship," she wrote in the caption.

Our hearts. They're always so supportive of each other too, with Cole just casually coming over to Debby's house, along with his Riverdale co-star and possible IRL girlfriend Lili Reinhart, to meet all of the new kittens that came into Deb's life when her cat gave birth.

True friendship right there. Speaking of Riverdale, Debby has forged her own super strong friendship with Lili too, whose character Betty is dating Cole's character Jughead, so all of these ships coming together is pure magic.

Plus, Debby is just a fan of the show and proud of her longtime bud and his work. Just look at her striking a pose in front of Cole's Jughead poster?

These two really do have such a unique bond. During Coachella 2017, which Cole attended with his Riverdale family and Debby decided to skip out on, she took to Twitter to poke some fun at her bestie and his fanny pack he had along with him at the music festival. Because that's what you do when your friend is out in the desert with a fanny pack.

Only a real friend can roast you in such a public way about your accessory choice. And it's not the first and most likely not the last time Debby has poked some fun at her boy. Cole recently shared some pics from an upcoming photoshoot on Instagram and in one particular pic, he's wearing a red and black striped tank top. Debby and photographer Damon Baker, who has shot pics of Cole in the past, totally roasted the actor, with Deb calling him out for taking ages to return her shirt dress.

A true sign of friendship right there when your bud is openly taking jabs at you on your own IG page. It's clearly nothing but love between them though, since Cole recently attended Debby's 24th birthday bash, and that allowed for another Suite Life reunion because Ashley Tisdale was on hand for the festivities too.

So we have Debby and Cole's friendship for that adorable reunion. Finally, there has been one recent reunion there is photographic evidence of when a fan happened to run into the pair together and snagged a pic with them both.

Forever goals, really. Debby and Cole might not always publicize how close they really are and brag about how often they see each other, but we all know it to be true in our hearts. It's something Debby herself confirmed back in 2011 and all these years later, they're still going strong.

@SprouseDebbyFan just saying, he & I have spent so much time together in the last three years; Cole & I have a friendship like none other.

— debbyryan (@DebbyRyan) May 20, 2011

Friends for life.


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