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It’s easier to find a prostitute in the Dominican Republic than it is to find a cheap pineapple. The Dominican Republic has become famous for its sex tourism, especially in areas like Sosua, Boca Chica, Caberete, and Las Terrenas. It is the fourth largest exporter of prostitutes in the world right behind Brazil, Thailand and the Philippines. Why are there so many Dominican women prostitutes? Well, let’s recap a few truths about the Dominican Republic.

First, the Dominican Republic suffers from a high poverty rate. Over 25% of the population is living below the poverty line. The educational standards are very low, as a matter of fact, not a lot of emphasis is put on education in general. Most people living in the countryside stop attending school at a young age to attend to taking care of family or working. There is also a very high rate of teenage pregnancy and fatherless families. So with all of these factors in mind, you can see that the situation isn’t easy.

Believe or not, the majority of prostitutes do not cater to only tourist areas. Local Dominican men are regular customers in brothels and massage parlors. Around Christmas, the employees go up because its women looking for extra cash for the holiday season. In tourist areas, especially beach towns, you will see prostitutes scattered along the beach looking for clients. During the night time, the discos and bars fill with Dominican women looking for a paying sex customer. In the strip clubs, they allow for the working girls to leave as long as you pay an exit fee and you can negotiate with the girl how much will a night of sex cost.

In the tourist’s areas, you will find prostitutes from their late teens to mid twenties, who have realized that they can make more money in these areas; way more than your average Dominican man. The story behind the girls, most of the time, is that they have one or more children with a Dominican male who has abandoned the family or his fatherly duties. Generally, they leave the children with their mother to care for them while they are out working. This is a mentality that permeates generation after generation. I’ve noticed that this thinking influences a lot of aspects of daily life and it doesn’t pertain solely to professional prostitutes. I’ve had next door neighbors offer me sex so that they can buy clothes, food for their children or even pay rent. They don’t work in brothels or bars but they find it accepted to off sexual favors for monetary gain.  Sometimes, these women are married to or are dating local men who encourage them to sell themselves so that the both of them can benefit financially.

What I’ve seen is girls and guys will convince foreigners that they are in love with them and exploit their generosity by using sex. When the foreigner leaves, they help the said person financially after they convince them that they need help to support their family. They will communicate by phone and email, while doing the same with four other lovers or by working as prostitutes locally.

Some girls, in more respected areas, are university students and have their own jobs. Sometimes, they cater to older lawyers, doctors and businessman as call girls. They just get a phone call by them and get paid a TON of money for them to have sex with them in really nice hotels, after dinner at a really nice restaurant or hanging out at a prestige club first.



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