Those big dating rp [censored]d.. good pumpkin

I wanna do more AU lists! Send in suggestions? :)

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My muse is suffering from a severe mental breakdown and is at their lowest point. Send me ☀ for my muse’s reaction to yours comforting them. 

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Memory Loss { suffering/responses } ||Starter Sentences|| 

  •  Suffering
  •  "Who are you...?"
  •  "I'm sorry, who are you again?"
  •  "This isn't my house..."
  •  "Why would you bring me here? I don't remember this place at all.."
  •  "Who are all these people in the [photos/videos]?"
  •  "I don't think I can remember.. I'm sorry.."
  •  "We aren't [dating/engaged/married]! I don't even KNOW you!"
  •  "Well.. well, what if I don't WANT to remember any of this?"
  •  "I just wanted to start over.."
  •  "Would you just quit trying? I'm a lost cause at this point, don't you think?"
  •  "This isn't my child.. I never even HAD a kid.."
  •  Responses
  •  "Come on, you have to remember your [insert relation here]!"
  •  "Okay, knock it off. Quit trying to gain attention, you're being self-centered!"
  •  "Okay, so what about this person/place/thing? That has to jog your memory.."
  •  "Don't you remember? We've been [dating/engaged/married] for [insert number here] weeks/months/years!"
  •  "You really don't remember me, do you?"
  •  "I'm sorry, but I don't want to help you remember.. maybe this is for the best.."
  •  "Don't worry.. we can start all over. I'm by your side, no matter what."
  •  "I can't deal with you not remembering me.. us..."
  •  "Do you remember [him/her/them]?"

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» A message from Anonymous:

So how do rp meme work?

The way that RP memes work is that someone reblogs one, you send it in, they reply with the response to that meme, and vice versa.

Example: If I reblog, say, my ‘Abusive’ meme and someone sends in a sentence, I’ll respond with my muse’s reaction to their muse saying that particular thing.

Hopefully I helped a bit! If you need more help, I can gladly provide a post of what it looks like! :)

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The Lion King ||Starter Sentences|| Part 1 

  •  "Life's not fair, is it?"
  •  "And you... shall never see the light of another day."
  •  "Didn't your mother ever tell you not to play with your food?"
  •  "I'm here to tell you that ___ is on [his/her] way."
  •  "You'd better have a good excuse for missing the ceremony this morning."
  •  "Oh, now, look, ___, you've made me lose my lunch."
  •  "He's as mad as a/an [insert animal] with a hernia."
  •  "___, don't look at me that way."
  •  "Impeccable timing, Your [Majesty/Highness]."
  •  "Why! If it isn't my [big/little] [brother/sister] descending from on high to mingle with the commoners."
  •  "That was today?"
  •  "Oh, I feel simply awful."
  •  "Well, as the [king/queen]'s [brother/sister], you should have been first in line."
  •  "Well, I was first in line... until the little hairball was born."
  •  "That 'hairball' is my [son/daughter], and your future [king/queen]."
  •  "I shall practice my curtsy."
  •  "Don't turn your back on me, ___."
  •  "Oh, no, ___, perhaps YOU shouldn't turn your back on ME."
  •  "Is that a challenge?"
  •  "Temper, temper."
  •  "I wouldn't dream of challenging you."
  •  "Pity! Why not?"
  •  "Well, as far as brains go, I got the [insert animal here]'s share."
  •  "When it comes to brute strength... I'm afraid I'm at the shallow end of the gene pool."
  •  "There's one in every family... two in mine, actually."
  •  "What am I going to do with [him/her]?"
  •  "[He/She'd] make a very [handsome/beautiful] throw rug."

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Send me ✘ for my muse’s reaction to your muse telling mine that they have just been fired from their job. 

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Hey, guys! Admin Kay-Kay is back! ^^’ I had to change the password to this blog, so if any of my mods want the new one, message me, pls! Sorry this blog has been inactive, but I got your guys’ requests, and I promise I’m working on them!

~Admin KK.

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» A message from blackrosematron:

"I'm going to regret this but here goes nothing" ⚄

Hey, I’m sorry, but this is a meme blog only. We don’t reply to rp memes as we are not an RP blog, but thank you for the consideration. :)

- Mod Mark -

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Send me 🔐 for my muse’s reaction to your muse giving them a key to a new shared living space for the both of them. 


Send “🔐 reverse” for my muse giving yours the key.

(apt., house, condo, etc.)

Reminder that it does not have to be romantic moving in. Can be romantic, platonic, etc.

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Hey, I’m sorry, but this is a meme blog only. We don’t reply to rp memes as we are not an RP blog, but thank you for the consideration. :)

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