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Michelle Williams holds her stomach on the set of Shutter Island in Boston, 6/29/08. Credit: Fame
On Thursday Jaybird reported that Michelle Williams, 27, is said to be dating director Spike Jonze and that they were even seen kissing outside his apartment. The story originated in notoriously wrong Star Magazine, though, and the kiss is described as “closed mouth on the corner of [the] lips.” Since Williams is an actress and Jonze is a director who worked with her on the much-anticipated film version of Where the Wild Things Are, it seems a little premature to say they’re dating just because they casually kissed each other goodbye. It wouldn’t be the first time Star jumped to wild conclusions.

It seems much more likely that Williams is dating Heath Ledger’s best friend from childhood, a strapping 29 year-old guy named Trevor DiCarlo who also grew up in Perth, Australia. They were photographed together a few times and DiCarlo has even been staying at William’s house and once answered the door shirtless. It’s possible they’re just friends and that Trevor is lending support to Michelle in this difficult time. I hope not though because this guy is hot:

Trevor DiCarlo, 29, who grew up with Heath in Perth, Australia, has been spotted out with her and has been a regular guest at Michelle’s Brooklyn, NY home – the house she once shared with [Heath].

They’ve been dining and going for walks, with Trevor wheeling the stroller for 2-year-old Matilda, the daughter of Heath and Michelle…

Trevor, without a shirt and dressed only in khaki shorts, appeared right at home recently when he answered the door at Michelle’s house. He would not comment on their relationship and Michelle’s rep says they’re just friends.

A neighbor, however, confirmed that Trevor has been staying at Michelle’s place and that the pair eat at a nearby pizza place

[From The National Enquirer, print edition, August 4, 2008]

It’s got to be hard for Michelle to see Heath’s face plastered all over in giant advertisements for The Dark Knight. Whether his friend is just visiting and needed a place to stay while in NY or if he’s a new love interest it seems to be a positive thing that she has him around. A lot of you wished her well in your comments on her maybe-relationship with Spike Jonze, and no matter who she’s dating she’s keeping busy and seeing friends and that seems to be what matters.

Note: I tried to find the photo for this article that the National Enquirer uses, but I couldn’t figure out the agency after several tries and was unable to buy it. You can see it in the Enquirer that’s out now with Lisa Marie Presley’s “secret shame” on the cover. The guy is a muscular bald guy with cool glasses and colorful tattoos.

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