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Dating between gay men can be quite tricky depending on where you live.  Some societies are more tolerant towards gays that outwardly express their attraction towards another guy, while other countries still bear a skewed viewpoint on how homosexual men should act.  This keeps them locked inside the closet.  However, these interesting suggestions about gay flirting can be done no matter where you live.

Be in the right mood for flirting

Keeping shy or remaining as the party wallflower would get you nowhere.  Flirting involves being playful without taking yourself too seriously.  Treat your date not as something you need to deal with, but as an opportunity to embark on a new relationship adventure.

Flirting is not about sex

One wrong notion about flirting with a fellow gay guy is that we tend to think it is all about having sex with him on the first date.  However, flirting with sex in mind may come as desperate for some. 

When faced with a flirtatious person, make him feel that you are interested in what they have to say instead of what they have to do.  In that way, your flirting ends up flourishing because you get to know more about each other.

Be yourself

Never pretend as someone you are not.  The truth will leak in one way or another and you would end up with lesser friends, lesser connections, and lesser opportunities to meet someone who is right for you.

Do not give up too easily

There are some cases when you have to go through several unsuccessful dates before meeting the right one.  If you first dates do not work, analyze what made it a failure and learn from it.

Avoid pick up lines

No one likes to hear conversations that are made up or are meant to catch your attention outright (most of the time in a bad way).  Pick up lines was, is, and will never work especially if it has been said by so many over the ages. 

However, you can make a one-liner that is sincere and a genuine sentiment of what is happening at the moment.  This would prove that you are paying attention to your date and that you are noticing their good points.

Look approachable

If you feel you cannot flirt, let the flirting come to you.  Dress appropriately, walk with your head held high and put a friendly demeanor on your swag.  You may not change how people perceive you, but at least you can change how you present yourself.

Do not be afraid of rejections

One thing that scares gay men the most is being rejected while expressing his attraction towards another person. 

Rejection happens almost everywhere, and everybody gets it.  Just learn to put things in perspective, look out for compliments and shrug off rejection.


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