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Look here for full text databases on subjects ranging from the Renaissance to the Risorgimento.  The list includes a collection of databases specific to Italian studies and others of a more general nature, but that include many works in the Italian language or in the field of Italian studies.  

  • Acta Sanctorum
    The Acta Sanctorum Database is an electronic version of the complete printed text of Acta Sanctorum, from the edition published in sixty-eight volumes by the Société des Bollandistes in Antwerp and Brussels. It is a collection of documents examining the lives of saints, organised according to each saint's feast day, and runs from the two January volumes published in 1643 to the Propylaeum to December published in 1940.
  • L'archivio
    Hosted by the Associazione Italiana Autori Scrittori Artisti "L'ARCHIVIO", this site includes digitized primary and secondary sources on Italian literature, history, and culture, including cinema, television, art, music and photography.
  • Associazione ESSPER
    Periodici italiani di economia, scienze sociali e storia.
  • Baptisteria Sacra Index
    An extensive inventory list of baptismal fonts dating from the early Christian period to the 17th century.
  • BiASA: Periodici Italiani Digitalizzati
    Includes full digitalized copies of complete issues of over 100 Italian periodicals dating from the 18th century through the 20th century. Included is "Illustrazione Italiana."
  • Biblioteca Marucelliana
    Dating from 1752, the Marucelliana library in Florence contains collections on the history and culture of Italy, and Florence and Tuscany in particular.
  • Early European Books
  • Catalogo digitale Fototeca Zeri
    Online catalogue of images of Italian art.
  • Catalogo Italiano dei periodici (ACNP)
    A cura dell'Università di Bologna. Repertorio per rintracciare, attraverso il titolo, riviste e periodici conservati nelle biblioteche italiane.
  • Censimento nazionale delle edizioni italiane del XVI secolo
    The Census of Italian 16th Century Editions (EDIT 16) aims at documenting Italian books printed during the 16th century and at reviewing the countrywide heritage. The data base includes editions printed in Italy between 1501 and 1600, in any language, and editions printed abroad in Italian. It also contains information about the authors, publishers, uniform titles, printers' devices which can be used for direct search and the related bibliographic sources archive.
  • Classici Italiani
    Collection of almost 500 full-text Italian classics divided by period and author. Several projects also present critical works such as biographies, bibliographies, and introductions to the works of the most important Italian writers.
  • Corago
    Repertorio e archivio di libretti del melodramma italiano dal 1600 al 1900.
  • Corpus dei Manoscritti Copti Letterari
    The CMCL is an enterprise dedicated to the study of Egyptian Christian culture in the I-XII centuries C.E., especially for the documents in Coptic language. This web site contains the archives of the CMCL: texts, grammar, history of literature, catalogue of manuscripts, bibliography. One can consult the list of the authors and works of the Coptic literature with information on manuscripts, content, and critical problems; the list of the Coptic codices either well preserved or reconstructed, espe
  • Dartmouth Dante Project
    Searchable database of Dante's Divina Commedia and numerous commentaries written about it (between 1321 and 2003).
  • Decameron Web
    Virtual encyclopedia of the Decamerone, plus the Corbaccio and the Elegia di Madonna Fiammetta, that includes the text in its established critical edition (Branca), sources, translations, annotations, commentaries, and bibliographies.
  • Editoria Italiana Online (EIO) - Torrosa: Casalini full text platform
    Editoria Italiana Online (EIO), a collection of Italian research publications available in full text format, results from a collaboration with some of Italy’s most important academic publishers such as École Française de Rome, Guerini e Associati, Istituti Editoriali e Poligrafici Internazionali, Leo S. Olschki, Longo, Storia e Letteratura and Salerno. Content addresses the demand for pertinent, original-language research material in the humanities and social sciences. Current coverage includes nearly 1000 monographic works, periodicals and conference proceedings in subjects which include art and architecture, sociology, economics, Italian studies, Italian language and literature, philosophy, archaeology and history. Quick and highly-sophisticated search facilities and a clear interface available in five languages makes EIO an excellent research instrument for university libraries and academic institutions.
  • Florentine Renaissance Resources
    The Online Catasto is a World Wide Web searchable database of tax information for the city of Florence in 1427-29 (c. 10,000 records). It is based on David Herlihy and Christiane Klapisch-Zuber, Principal Investigators, Census and Property Survey of Florentine Dominions in the Province of Tuscany, 1427-1480.
  • Gazzetta ufficiale della Repubblica Italiana
    Access to full text of the Italian constitution and subsequent laws.
  • International Bibliography of Humanism and the Renaissance (IBHR)
    Full text links to works from and about the Renaissance and within the Humanist tradition.
  • Intratext
    Collection of classic texts including over 2,000 Italian language selections. These out of print works are arranged by author and are searchable by chapter or section.
  • ITER Italicum
    Iter Italicum is a finding list for previously uncatalogued or incompletely catalogued Renaissance humanistic manuscripts found in libraries and collections all over the world. It is a tool for scholars working in the fields of classical, medieval and Renaissance studies.
  • Liber Liber
    Among all, the most extensive full-text e-library for Italian literature (out of copyright). It is also accessible by visually impaired people.
  • The Medici Archive Project
    Electronic database the letters of one of the most exhaustive and complete courtly archives of early modern Europe: the Medici Granducal Archival Collection (Mediceo del Principato). This archival collection ― comprising over four-million letters distributed in 6,429 volumes and occupying a mile of shelf space ― covers a chronological span of two hundred years, from 1537 to 1743. It documents the political, diplomatic, gastronomic, economic, artistic, scientific, military and medical culture of early modern Tuscany and Europe.
  • Opera del Vocabolario Italiano
    The database contains 1581 vernacular texts (19.1+ million words, 447,675 unique forms, 165 MB of textual data) the majority of which are dated prior to 1375, the year of Boccaccio's death. The verse and prose works include early masters of Italian literature like Dante, Petrarch, and Boccaccio, as well as lesser-known and obscure texts by poets, merchants, and medieval chroniclers. The OVI database was created to aid in the compilation of an historical dictionary of the Italian language, the Tesoro della lingua italiana delle origini, (portions of which are now available online). The fully-searchable ItalNet implementation of the OVI database presented here has been produced in order to enable scholars around the world to benefit from this rich textual resource.